Meet our team

Canterbury Property Investors' Association is a not-for-profit administrated by an executive committee. Elections are held annually in July.

Shirley Berryman


Shirley and her husband Kent have invested in property since the mid-1990s. They have developed several properties in Rolleston themselves, and enjoy having less maintenance with newer properties.

Shirley has a thriving business that she runs from home, which offers her the flexibility to assist with managing their property portfolio. Kent and Shirley plan to add to their portfolio with select purchases to support a retirement lifestyle on their own terms.

Kit Hoeben

Vice President

Kit is an active investor in residential property. He believes real estate is not only a great investment to get ahead in life, it’s also exciting and fun. Kit enjoys learning from other investor experiences and likewise loves to inspire and inform others on their journey.  No better place to do so amongst a network of like-minded people – if you own rental property joining your local association is a must. Even more so in recent and changing times, in which a regular review of one’s portfolio and adapting your strategy accordingly is important.

Lynda Stirling


Lynda bought her first rental property, a two-bed unit, in 1994 and joined the CPIA shortly after. Since then she has continued with a buy-and-hold strategy, mostly consisting of more two-bed units. Like so many other investors, she finds that they are relatively affordable, easy to renovate, and popular with tenants. She did some trading in the mid-2000’s and has recently completed a small development, turning a post-earthquake write-off into two stand-alone houses and a few extra grey hairs.

After many years of enjoying the benefits of CPIA membership, she feels that she’s in a position to give something back to the organisation that has helped her so much on her investing journey.

Tosh Prodanov

Executive committee member

Tosh came to Christchurch in the early 1990’s for a scholarship at an I.T. company, and started helping his father run three rent-by-the-room properties in the inner city. After his home was red-zoned following the earthquakes, he bought and remediated some as-is-where-is properties, and currently lives in one.

A member of CPIA since the mid 1990’s, Tosh has run the monthly breakfast meetings for the last several years, and has recently been appointed to the Guardians Committee. In these changing times Tosh looks forward to working with the committee to advance and promote the interests of members.

John Cassidy

Executive committee member

John has been a member of the CPIA on and off for the last twelve years.

In that time as an investor John and his wife have bought, renovated and sold a couple of properties. They have also bought a couple of buy and hold properties in Christchurch and Lower Hutt.

As a committee member John would like to contribute to shaping the future of CPIA and its members.

Alan Skehill

Executive committee member

Alan joins the Executive Committee after being a member since 2017. He moved to Christchurch in 2016 from Ireland and has been involved in property circles since then. Alan believes property is an incredible investment vehicle and thoroughly enjoys discussing all things property. Working as a licensed property sales consultant, he looks forward to bringing a lot of value and industry insights to the association. Alan understands the importance of continuously learning in an ever-changing environment and looks forward to helping get more educational resources out to the members.

Stephen Tippen

Vice President

Stephen has been a CPIA member since 2013, buying his first investment property in 2004 which he still owns. He and his wife own a small portfolio of properties, which they are looking to add to when the right properties come along. Stephen prefers to take a hands on approach with repairs and maintenance of their properties but leaves the day to day management of their properties with a property manager.
Stephen comes from a finance background working with business clients.
This is Stephen’s first term on the Executive Committee. He wants to help provide quality diverse information to members to grow their knowledge in Property Investment. Stephen has also joined the sub-committees for Sponsorship, CPIA Magazine and the Forums.

Nigel Barker

Executive committee member

Nigel purchased his first investment property 20 years ago and joined the committee in 2021. His background is in Export Sales and Marketing and he returned home to Canterbury within the past few years. Nigel wants to make the most of his opportunities with the CPIA by engaging with other members and in particular supporting private landlords in an ever complex
environment. He believes in the rights of property owners to manage and maintain their own properties whilst providing a necessary accommodation option in this country.